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Client Comments

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"This is absolutely gorgeous, very impressive work and exactly what I was after. I'm looking forward to hopefully working together on many more projects. I want to say again how impressed I am with your work and the turn around time. You really nailed it."

Blair Pomahac - Martin Brothers Funeral Services

"So very good…just wonderful. Thank you for producing such outstanding stories for the Faculty of Education. Will post them on our monitors in Turcotte Hall, QR code them to our Legacy magazine print stories, and get them online. Always great to work with you!"

Darcy Novakowski - University of Lethbridge

"Jim was VERY responsive and excellent to work with. Took direction well with what we had envisioned, introduced new ideas, and was incredibly speedy with the process. Very affordable pricing and would recommend to anyone looking for video production. Thank you!"

Drayden Whitelaw - Murray Chev Cadillac

"Jim These are perfect! we love them! please send us the bill and the download so I can start using them ASAP!
You do amazing work."

Ashley Colbourne - Eldorado RV

"Oh the commercial you did for the church, words can't really describe it but let me try....beautiful, fantastic, proud, warm & fuzzy. You did a great job. Thank you. I love your creativity and your eye."

Judy Martz - McKillop United Church

"Jim, I'm completely floored and my eyes are a bit damp. It's completely perfect, and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you a million times over...I can't wait to share it with everyone."

Rod Leland - Help Portrait Lethbridge

"In case I don't have a chance to call you in the next day or three, I wanted to let you know that the commercials are a hit with everyone I've shown them to so far, including me! Well done!"

Igor Shaskin - Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare

"Huge and many thanks for passing the video our way. The staff has taken some time to review today too - they’re fans of it. Huge fans.
Thank you so much for your incredible work on this. We’re stoked."

Shonna Lamb - Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation
"Thank you so much for producing the vlogs for Shannon Spenceley over the past three years. Our organization and our RN members benefitted from your timely and professional services. For our team in Communications, your direct collaboration with Shannon in booking mutually convenient times and then promptly forwarding the finished product to Kyla made our job very easy indeed. I would not hesitate to recommend that our organization use the services of Commercial Factory again or to recommend your services to any other organization."

Rachel Champagne -
College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta
"Wonderful! Thanks Jim for all your work and always being on top of everything despite so many moving parts!. I wanted to follow up with a huge thank you from our team, the convocation team and students who are all so impressed with the convocation videos this year!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you have done for the college this year."

Kasha Thurston - Lethbridge College

"I’m not sure if I have said this yet but these a videos are amazing. You have done a great job. I can’t thank you enough for being patient with me through the booking process. Just thought you should know you are awesome!"

Leeanne Conrad - Lethbridge College

"This looks fantastic! I think it will work perfect for our presentations the week after next. These turned out even better than I thought they would! Thanks again. This really helped me out of a tight time jam!"

Paul Larsen - Clear Sky Radio

"Great job on the commercials! I really like the graphics at the beginning and end. The production you do is always first class."

Ted Stilson - Downtown BRZ

"Everyone has had a chance to review the videos and everyone is impressed. The videos are great and I think you’ve covered the entire staff."

Jim Beusekom - Marketplace Commodities

"Thank you so much for your assistance. I realize you are busy and I really appreciate you helping us out."

Cst. Richard Borthwick - Lethbridge Regional Police Service

"We are more than impressed with how the videos turned out and how you made it all happen."

Cst. Brent Lorenz - Lethbridge Regional Police Service

"The commercials look GREAT! I do love the work you do for us!"

Dawn Leite - Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra

"I just opened up a few of the files to quickly see the videos and they look incredible!!! I can’t believe what an awesome job you did and I don’t know how to express how much we appreciate it! Saying thank you just doesn’t seem like enough!"

Julie Freund - Lethbridge Sport Council

"Jim, these look fantastic. I was thinking we were going to have a starting point where we would need to spend some time editing. But it looks like the starting point is the ending point, they are great."

Cory McLean - Axis Mortgage

"This looks incredible! It's better than I imagined in my head. I still get excited watching it."

Paul Kingsmith - Lethbridge College

"This is awesome! Considering you only had 2 images and a song to begin with! Don't change a thing. I'm excited about being able to show this to potential customers."

Kirk Allison - UdoitDVD

"Jim, you do good work! They look great."

Tom Copps - Thomas Copps Audiology

"The video looks totally awesome. Seriously, some nice work Jim!!"

Cst. Tom Gross - Lethbridge Regional Police Force

"WOW Jim, once again you've done an AMAZING job. Thank-you SO much!"

Courtney Atkison - Rotary Club, Citizen of the Year Committee

"Jim, thank you for your work. The video is beyond what I envisioned and we have decided to use it to conclude our 2015 Bid Tour:)"

Susan Eymann - Lethbridge Sport Council

"Wow…you really are good at what you do…"

Jim Bradley - Lethbridge Hurricanes

"These are fabulous. When I got these links I called the team in and we all ooo’ed and aw’ed appropriately. You really made our week by wrapping it up so nicely. You have caught the vision of what we wanted to do. All that hard work is worth it when we get a product like this one.
Thanks so much Jim. I do love working with you."

Carmen Toth - Lethbridge College

"Fantastic spots! Excellent work!"

Dale Martin - Martin Brothers Funeral Chapels

"Jim, you're a genius. I just finally checked my mail and have been watching it over and over and over again."

Lydia Morton - Natural Way Clinic

"LOVE what you did! that is the best commercial I have seen yet - BRAVO!!"

Sue Nicols - Liquid Assets

"...bloody brilliant! We and public education are so fortunate to work with people such as yourselves."

Jane O'Dea - University of Lethbridge